Have you ever heard a creepy noise, seen the lights flicker or maybe just felt a cold chill? You might dispose of these small thoughts quickly telling yourself it was the wind or that you’re just tired. But the truth is you’re not imagining it and it wasn’t a freak accident. It was him. He’s always watching. Never doing. Just thinking. Observing. The stupid and ignorant are safe for they believe their minds excuses. But the smart are the ones who should be scared. Betrayed by their own mind they realize there is no wind and that it’s a new light bulb. They become aware of him though there is no evidence of him. The lack of proof is enough to drive them mad if they think for long enough. Children too, their minds don’t know how to rationalize and often come to quick and “silly” conclusions. Adults find it amusing how they are afraid of things like the dark. But that’s the only time you can see him, when you can’t see.

Credited to the loler