One night i was walking into my kitchen to get something to drink or eat, i don’t really remember but what i do remember is this. i walked into the kitchen got a bottle of water and then then the door to my garage opened slightly, this is normal because the door can’t close all the way so i thought what the heck it’s normal. But then as i was walking back to my room i turned my head slightly, and there i saw some dark figure dart from the living room into the kitchen. But before it did it lookked as though it was watching me seconds before it darted into the kitchen. A few hours later i was walking out of my room to get a late night snack but, the second my body touched the door frame i saw a drop of light fall from the exact middle of the top of the door frame but, this drop of water wasn’t water at all it seemed as if it were completely made of light. I think this is the sign of some sort of angelic or demonic presance. I still find myself to this day experiencing paranormal activity in my house. I hope one day i will find the answer to this, until then.