The Gaze is a creature who has been haunting mankind for centuries. His eyes are the true messengers of death. You will know if you have an encounter with The Gaze, because it will most likely be the last encounter you will ever have. At first The Gaze will appear to be just a man, and you will try to look away. But you will learn that you can no longer move your own body. He will talk to you. Not with his mouth but with his eyes. Your life is now his playground. Your soul will be ripped from your body and it will seem as if you are watching as your body tears itself apart. You won’t feel the pain of your body being torn to shreds by itself but After it’s done, your life is over. Your soul is now trapped within your mind and mind is frozen. You will never think, move, talk, or even dream ever again. There’s one way to survive his gaze. And that is to truly be without fear. The Gaze feeds on fear and loathes bravery. No one has ever survived this encounter. Because everyone is afraid.