so then,reguar sunday morning we put an old tape on the TV of mickey mouse,just like normal mornings and cook pasta

i was very upset the next second my brother had a huge fire scar across his face,i was looking around to see what it might be in a room stood a thin,tall bald man with quite a square and chubby face,and all the skin was peeling from him no hair at all,he was goldy yellow all over i could tell it was spray-paint

…but it was his face his eyes large pointy out eyelids,small bright jet red eyes all other,not just the pupils full eyes and the pointiest spikiest ose ever it had a huge long tip,no eyelashes or eyebrows and buck teeth and pointiest ever teeth,ears and had a ring hanging from his long nose and a split tounge
and then the figure squeaked in a high voice=oh thats not fair,no one wants we to be born=then i shaked and shivered and he then puffed deeply=in a voice that sounded like last words=
please kill me,want to play the killing game then took an even deeper puff saying:look at my long fingernails
and i was like-mighty god they are long-
staring at the 2 ft long horrors
his purple shirt was stained in coffee and he said:i never had a famiy,i became a god before i was planned to be born so i decided to be a monkey murderer
i have 2,893000 ghosts
i hissed:cool,whats your job?
he gasped with his nose tip hanging down
i am a famous killer,but my eyes got rashes in them i then asked in terror whats your real name?:he said reggie chezflaker,A.K.A the man in the bunny suite.i was shoked i asked do you have a friend?not a single one inpart from a viper and 2 wasps which al died on my birthday:the 4th of july
then squeaked i was born independent,but now i just surve human carcasses in the grocery store and market sales for a job ,i do it in china and japan and i murder for fun,then a rash comes doen his eye,hes crying blood then the beast collapsed and he was never EVER AGAIN seen
then his eyes melted and rolled back and then half collapsed he sneakily walked out the door whining and moning loud like bloody hell in a tip toe i said bye he screamed die,no im gonna kill you now and ran back in my house and ripped my brother 8 pieces then he was never seen gain never was the killer he stabbed his self in the heart…the end