So I love Indie games because of there peacefulness and fun but I never thought i would come across something like this. So I was about 9 o’ clock at night my parents were upstairs making brownies. I decided I would play some Minecraft. So I started my client and i noticed that the Update Info wouldn’t load. Strange but I ignored it. I pressed login and when Minecraft started it played music. It doesn’t normally play music unless you play for a while. But it wasn’t that calming music you usually hear, it was Mellohi playing BACKWARDS! I was at 30% creeped out at this point. I noticed that “Play Multiplayer” was gone and the only buttons were Singleplayer and Options. I hit Singleplayer and i had my worlds. “Jump On It” for my Buildings and “Leap on It” for my survival. But there was a new world called “,” I loaded it up being fearless. And I was in a snow biome on top of a tree. I had the nausea potion effect for 6:66 minutes and seconds. Mellohi still played backwards. I heard screams and creepy laughter all around. Scared stiff I clicked Save and Quit but a textbox appeared that said “Why Would You Want to Leave?” Then the game crashed. I had never been more scared in my life at the moment seeing that Indies are mostly calming and fun games. Then as I force quit i still had the screams stuck in my head over and over. Then my computer kept making a dung noise over and over. I shut it down quickly. I had never new i would come across such and experience like people say they have. Well I dont think I will be sleeping tonight but best wishes to you.