Theres so house somewhere in Europe its been abandoned for a long time because of a killing of a little girl she got skinned alive. Anyways if you walk into the house be careful because your not alone.Walk up the stairs and you will see a little girl in the room don’t approach her yet because you need to have a toy with you.Go left until you find a room with toys go inside there there are only 2 options of toys you can pick dolls and play money if you take both you’ll play with her forever.Then once you picked a toy approach the little girl and start to play with her if you don’t entertain her she’ll skin you alive after you entertain her she will go to sleep dont wake her up or you will be punished.After that leave the house, drive home and sleep you will hear the little girls voice dont open your eyes or your screwed.

If you picked the play money you’ll get fortunate until you die but you have to give half your fortunes to charity.

If you picked the dolls you’ll be popular but you will get constant headaches.