Teh Day of Teh All Da Blood continued.... One day a man (who looked DANGEROUSLY LIKE a man)cut himself with a beanbag. It was an absoulutely HORRIFIC CUT, spanning an amazing TENTH OF A CENTIMETER on the upper anus. This was just after the anus (who cannot be named for legal reasons) cracked joke because he is cheeky...but yeah erm SOME BLOOD CAME OUT AND LANDED IN HIS FORMULA ONE CAR AND THE RACE WAS ABOUT TO START BUT ONLY THE BIT OF BLOOD WAS IN THE CAR AND THE LIGHTS WENT GREEN AND ALL THE OTHER CARS THAT LOOKED LIKE CARS STARTED VRROOOMMING AND THAT MEANT THAT THE BIT OF BLOOD HAD TO DRIVE BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY THING IN THE CAR SO IT BEGAN TO DRIVE THE CAR BUT CRASHED INTO A SKELLETON THAT WAS BONE DRY ON THE RACE TRACK AND IT WAS HORRIFIC AND SCARY AND TRAUMATIC FOR THE BIT OF BLOOD THAT WAS DRIVING THE CAR SO IT JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR GOING 2000MPH. IT GOT UP, BUT THEN GOT SPLATTERED BY OTHER CAR AND MORRREEEE BLOOOOOOD WENT EVERYWHERE AND THE CARS SKIDDED IN IT AND ALSO CRASHED AND IT WAS THE DEADLIEST CRASH KNOWN TO MAN!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, there were no deaths. Unfortunately Donald Trump saw the act and was like i nee to be pres. Peeps gave him da deligits and he was like scamolicious. Peeps were mad and like yu shud not mess wwith us. He got fired BUT GOT BAC TO PRES AND EVERYONE DEAD BUT TEH BLOOD........TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOOD 3 ...........................confirmed.

But it was scary.