a couple weeks ago when my parents went away for the weekend my friend came over to watch a movie(twilight). in the middle of the movie the movie started skipping so he went to go clean the DVD while i went to go make popcorn.i suddenly heard the disk drop on the floor.i told him not to scratch the disk more then it already is.he didnt answer so i went on making popcorn.i waited but finnaly went to go see i walked down the hall i thought maybe he died but then realized that it would never have happend.wen i got there there was no one there.i got so scared that i just picked up the DVD and went back to the den. then i just saw him there asleep on the couch.i tried to wake him up but eventualy i gave up and let him sleep.the next morning i woke up to the smell of rotting meat and i wanted to know where it was coming from so i followed the smell to the den and saw the rotting carcass that once was my friend.there where flies buzzing around the body.i called the police.when i told i found a dead body on my couch they didnt sound convinced but i swore it was true and then decided to belive me. it took half an hour for them to soon as i heard the doorbell i ran to open the door. i led them to the den only to find the body of the ploice said what kind of idiots do you think we are? before i could answer they left. and i just stood there feeling stupid and then i saw a man in a tux,10 feet tall…no face.i ran out the door and didnt stop running until i tripped over something and fell into soft grass when i woke i saw a gash in right arm.i went back to my house pulled out my pocket knife ready to fight but he was not there.i searched on the internet to find out what i saw and traced it back to slenderman.after reading and watching videos about slenderman i decided it wasnt friend sam said i could stay at his house.but before i left i set up a camera in the den.when i got back i chacked the footage and saw the carcass laying there on the couch and then the screen going blank. after this i didnt see slenderman for a long time but i always know hes there.