Well Odd enough i've been haveing odd dreams. But Last night really creeped me out.I was reading More Creepypasta with my cousin and my sister, when we were suddenly in the story.We were in a basment but there was some sort of dog house. (i didnt realize how weird that was until i woke up.) But the story was still reading on. Then a small demon-like moster was in front of me.It bit my cousin and ran back into the dog house. Then i went to talk to my parents and told them.Then we found out donald now had their DNA in him and he was part of them.Donald wasnt happy about it.So he ripped the whole demon-like family out.3 Of them. Then he tied them down and went upstairs.Leaving me with them after 5 minutes of inspecting them i told donald to go watch then. So Him and my sister went down there. Then the sound that was reading to us gave us a piece of paper saying more of the story it read” On the basement door there was a sing saying “cation” that was put up by goverment.”Then i was awakening but there was one more sentence i was only able to read 1 word and it was “scream”. Then i woke up having questions Are they Okay? Whos Screams were those? Why my cousin and sister?!And so on may my dream continue x.x