If, in this twilight of the world, you go back to the beginning of a pilgrimage on the Highway to La Mer, you will get sidetracked. Your dreams will fade, and your mind might become somewhat damaged. Eventually, you will enter a small town, that appears to be empty. When you ask aloud 'where is everybody' you will notice a 22.86cm long nail lying buried in a layer of frost in front of you. If you pick it up, you will notice that it appears to be broken. You'll see the fragments of it, but they won't fit. You really shouldn't give a turd. Holding the nail with your ring finger and thumb, make the tiniest little hole in the ground. Stay down on your knees. Wait. If all has gone well, you will feel yourself start to spiral downwards into the void; as you get closer to the great below, you will seem to be falling even deeper, into a warm place. If you can manage to look up, you will see the sunspots overhead, getting smaller. You can try to stop it, but it keeps on coming Eventually, after you've fallen all of the way down in it, you will arrive in an ocean of violet fluid. It will be the deepest shade of mushroom-blue. You will still be holding the nail. You'll smell stale incense and old sweat, and lies. A voice will echo out of the darkness, asking, "are you ready to meet your master?". If you answer yes, and it's a terrible lie, you will fall a short distance, and well, I hope you can find some sort of happiness in slavery. If you answer no, be prepared for the purest feeling of physical hurt, just like you imagined in your worst nightmares, but it will end with a quick, merciful release into death, from the burn of the march of the pigs. If you truthfully answer yes, you will be approached by a reptile-like man with a few dozen halos and a head like a hole, who will ask you one question; "would you bite the hand that feeds you?" If you answer; "with teeth." you will be justified, purified, and sanctified, inside yourself, and you'll receive several god-given powers, and told to deliver the warning. There will be a massive Quake. No matter how much you scream, "I do not want this!", nothing can stop you now. No matter how hard you try to save yourself, yourself will keep slipping away.You will have no choice; the mark has been made, and the world is closer to the big come down.You will feel something killing away all of your bad parts. You will have become The Great Destroyer, the Eraser and the frail, the wretched, the fragile, all will bow to your will. The world will be ripe, (with decay.)