Ahh, Netflix. The thing that made the video store in my town go bankrupt. But, when I first got it, there was an odd movie. I’ve never heard of it, and neither did my friends after I talked to them about it. i wanted to try it out, so I played it.

It started off as a odd version of a horror movie. It had no title, just a picture so I didn’t know what it was like. It had a “home movie” look. “Inside your friends house, making a stupid movie” kind of look.

The guys in it were inside the floor, watching one of the Shreks. Then, one of them said, “Dude, where’s your bathroom?” A different guy pointed it out, and he went.

The camera clicked off to show them asleep. The other guys were there, but the guy who went to the bathroom wasn’t. Then a odd sort of thing, kind of like one of the fellows who was sleeping got a boner and had to relieve himself real quick and so he fell back asleep, and then a bulge’ went around the sleepers.

the camera knocked over, showing the morning.

Blood and what was left of the one guys mess if you know what i mean, was all over the living room. The bodies were gone, though.

“Police report 10/11/2012
Four bodies were found in the town’s river. Highly destroyed, the bodies had recieved many fractures on the arms and chest and had been drained of their blood. The bodies have yet to be identified” appeared on the screen. The camera timestamp was 09/11/2012 9:12 pm during the video. The next day the video was not on netflix anymore. I searched the internet, but found nothing.This is what happens when you decide to rub one out.... Tell me if you find anything. I think i’ll invite some friends and watch one of the Shreks.