Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Today i was at a grauge sale and I picked up a pokemon yellow game. I thought the owner was lieing about it being 2 dollars but i was wrong. The game started with the pikachu surfeing . but something was different i saw there was no game file and i had the option newgame and lose. As the idiot i am i continued i clicked new game it said wel. . . . . . . then the game froze. so i tried lose and the game continued with red but he was at palet town on a bench the screen faded and it became night then red went into oaks office thats when i was able to control him he said “sigh” as he walked acroos the lab scientests then oak said “Well well you never listen now leave” So i left as i left my rival blue crashed into me and said “Oh its you” I had no idea why so i left the town and it was a waste land there was a patch of land i took a steap into it A battle began wild missingno appeared my sprite was tarnished and unlively and i had 3 hp All of a sudden Missingno was caught I was scared speach less and i was worried red said “now it’s time to finish bisness!” The spelling was bad like it was make buy a 6 year old uncontroolably red walked into palet town as a tornado appeared and then “SNAP!” the game had shut off i tried to turn the system on and it said error.