As I get on to my Laptop. I quickly check my email! No emails from That sucks! But I do have youtube reply comment. I’ll get to it later. So I get in the search bar and type But as the page loads. I notice that something is off. There is a big picture of a dark bloody figure but nothing else. This is werid I think to myself. I just thought it was going under changes or something. So I try to click out but it won’t let me. But then the page refresh. With the same picture but with text under! That says “STOP!!!!”. I stop scared to death. The page refreshs again. And says “YOU WILL NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!” I compile. The page refreshs again. My power goes out! I trebble in my seat! It now says ” DON’T LOOK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!!” I complie with my eyes glued to the screen. Scraed, the page refreshs! The page refreshs! The picture changes with a picture of my mangled bloodedy body! With the text “YOU IN 20 MINUTES!!!!!!!”