cacawoonga was a sorcer in an old Indian village in nights fairy. I have learned from the locals that a strange creature lives in Columbia national park. The cacawoonga was outraged to hear that the other village ,that he’s village is friends with , killed his son so being that he was also an alleged skin walker he was able to transform into a bear and kill everybody in the other village, when the cacawoonga’s village leader found out he contacted another sorcer that cacawoonga has done this. They cursed him into being a bear for the rest of his life and that he would live his days and die as a lonely bear. Cacawoonga was angry and killed his village . He then tried to bring back his human form but failed as the only parts of his body that he brought back was his face and hands, his hands have large black rugged bear claws , and his face it just the eyes and a slit where he has a mouth with rugged bear teeth he has slits for his nose, sadden he went to where his only peaceful spot in the world was….in a network of rocks near an old town were people inhabited. As the times wen by it turned into a national park , but one time this child of the named of scott peterson went into the network of rocks he found the cacawoonga eating a rabbit , the child saw how old and frail he was, so he attacked him. Cacawoonga killed the child, he was so tired that he began to die so he did one last work of sorcery….he made his hands have these holes with teeth in them that he used to suck the energy from the child…they found the child to be having the apperance of a raisin, outraged the people of the park formed a mob to destroy the Cacawoonga…scared and not knowing what to do the Cacawoonga said he will not kill anymore people if they left him alone in his network of rocks they agreed but he said..if any one finds me and decides to attack or annoy me i will drain them……to this day people claim to see the Cacawoonga but no one really knows……its up to you to believe