i remember when i first got my DS light for Christmas my parents had gotten me some games to go along with it. one of them being brain age 2 i had fun especially with piano player. i often played it after school at this time i was in the fifth grade. now i’m going into tenth. during this time my mom and i have reoranged my room 2 or 3 times. during which i had lost brain age 2. it was recent when i had been cleaning my room that i found the old game. remembering how i enjoyed piano player and the other games on there i decided to play it. the start up was normal but when the brain age guy greeted me instead of saying “you must have been busy” it said “I’ve been waiting.” then laughing. odd i thought but when i played piano player it automatically picked a song a song i haven’t unlocked an unearthly kind of song. when i finished the brain age guy said with his eyes red “were have you been” as his skin melted off his head revealing a skull with brains coming out of the eye sockets the background was black and text apeared brain age death. the unearthly song played