once there lived a little girl named veronica she was a nice girl with a soft heart one day she was brushing her hair when she heared a slite grunting from the corner of her bedroom she turned around and there was nothing there so she went to bed. that night a slight puff of smoke streamed over her hair when she woke in the morning her hair was as greasey as kfc chicken. but she just shrugged her shoulders and went to school. At school veronica had lots of freinds but when she went into her classroom no one would sit next to her because of her stench. She even got chucked out of her classroom and sent home.Then her mum told her to go upstairs and brush her hair an get some clothes on that diddnt stink. she looked in the mirror and a flash of smoke entered the room again that smoke became a person that person was her sister “hello sis” wispered her sister scarlet “Do you remember me you always used to teck evrey thing i owned then you pushed me out of the window then you earased mums memory so i never exist so now the same will happen to you” the floor colapesed and the next day veronicas mum entered her room and nothing was there exept a stench of stink